Choosing the Perfect Wireless Trail Camera


Choosing the perfect trail camera doesn’t always mean getting the most expensive one. Here are some things that you should keep in mind when choosing a trail camera.

Picture Quality

The best way to determine a camera’s picture quality is to look at sample photos. Remember that various types of flash affect night photos. For instance, white flash cameras produce color night photos. Infrared cameras, on the other hand, produce black and white pictures.

Trigger and Recovery Time

Trigger time or speed pertains to the amount of time elapsed from when the camera first detects movement until it captures an image of the thing that caused the action. Recovery time pertains to how fast the camera can save the first photo and be prepared to take another shot.

Detection Circuits

The detection circuit senses the animal. A trail camera triggers based on a combination of movement and heat. You should assess detection circuits based on detection zone, trigger time and recovery time.

Detection Zone

Detection Zone pertains to the area where the camera is able to detect movement and trigger a photo. Detection Range and Detection Width are the factors that determine the Detection Zone.

Battery Life

The battery life of a trail camera is very important. A camera with long battery life will help you save a lot of money. Long battery life means you don’t need to return to the place often to replace the dead batteries. Lithium batteries have the longest life. Using camera with long battery life also means a cleaner environment for everyone since there will be less batteries thrown into the landfills.

You need to know how long the trail camera will last. If the camera is not working, it’s plainly useless. An unreliable camera is just a waste of money and time. Trail cameras are complex and unique in their own way. Choose models that have very few customer complaints. Choosing the perfect trail camera can be hard, but you should take your time. Don’t rush. Consider what you really need and don’t just look at the price of the camera. The most expensive is not always the best choice. The same goes for the cheapest option. If you carefully consider your options, you will certainly make the best choice and capture the best photos of your game.

If you are still not sure how to choose the right camera for you, just ask yourself these questions.

  • How well does the camera sense movement?
  • How bright are the night photos?
  • Is the infrared emitter an invisible No Glow version or red glow infrared flash?
  • How clear are the photos taken by the camera?
  • Is the camera easy to set up? Does it have a viewing screen?

Of course, the quality of photos taken by the trail camera is very important. Visit review sites and see their sample photos. When you are satisfied with the answers to the questions, you can now place your order and expect the perfect wireless trail camera for you.

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